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How to Find Plumbers in Rhode Island: A Step-by-Step Guide

It is important to make sure that your plumbing stays as it should be for the sake of stopping floods, water damage and disorder in household. However, when looking for a plumber what do you say to separate the good from not-so-good?

This detailed guide will take you through the process of searching for a reliable plumber in Rhode Island. In terms of credential verification as well as rate comparison, we have you.

Step 1: Using Online Directories

What are online directories and why would I need to use them?
In this case, plumbers list their services in online directories – digital platforms. Using them gives you an opportunity to have direct access and at the same time compare between different providers just by looking.

Where do I look for plumbers on Yelp?

Visit Yelp’s website or open the app on your phone. Type “plumbers” in the search field and then select “Rhode Island” to ensure you are receiving localized results.

When you open the service, a list of plumbers will meet your eyes. There are other factors based on which you can narrow your search, such as customer review rankings, distance to the establishment and whether they provide emergency response.

Step 2: Checking for Licenses and Certifications

What makes me look for licenses and certifications?
A license for a plumber guarantees the professionals’ training and their success on state exams. This is especially crucial in enabling someone to handle the elaborate systems that ensure your home runs smoothly.

What is the license check procedure for a plumber in Rhode Island?
Go to the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training website.
In the Board of Examiners for Plumbers check their directory of licensed professionals. You can cross-check their credentials using names or license numbers.

Step 3: Reading Customer Reviews

How does reading reviews benefit the customer?
Reviews of customers provide you with the firsthand information about how other individuals use a plumber and allow evaluating whether this man is reliable and what results he can produce.

What do I evaluate and how should i interpret the reviews on Yelp?

You will find a star rating for each plumber in the search results. This is the average of all reviews. Click on the plumber to read more reviews. Notice repeated ideas and descriptions. Make sure to read both positive and negative reviews for an overall analysis of what each plumber offers.

Step 4: Comparing Rates and Services Offered

Hence, why is it important to compare rates and services?
You need to get a reasonable price without compromising on quality. In addition, other plumbers may provide more services than this one which means you have to make sure they can meet your needs.

How can I collect and compare data from other plumbers?
Go to plumbers’ websites and make a list of services available. In most cases, at Yelp you can find this information from reviews or the “Services Offered” section on its business page. List down the plumbers that are able to provide you services within your budget.

Step 5: Contacting for Quotes

What would be the best approach to contact plumbers for their quotes?
It is advisable to contact the plumber individually. Most of them will have a ‘Contact Us’ form on their website, but you can also call or email. Here, specify detailed work information such as: What kind of repair or installation is required? The size of the project.

How do I make a quote request? When reaching out, be sure to include:
Your location
A description of the problem
Whether it’s an emergency
Any preferred brand names or materials.

Common Mistakes to Avoid:
Not verifying licenses and certifications: This can result in more trouble than the cure by unqualified people who cause even greater damage.

Ignoring negative reviews: Any plumber will get the odd bad reviews, but if there’s a persistent pattern it is indicative.

Not asking about guarantees on work: Trusted plumbers will provide warranties on the services they render.

Not comparing rates and services from different providers: This oversight may lead to overpaying or not getting the necessary service.


Through this guide, you are already on the path of finding a trustworthy plumber in Rhode Island. Do enough research and never be afraid to ask. However, the plumbing of your home is too significant to entrust it in hands of anyone.

Rhode Island State Licensing Requirements for Plumbers

License Title: Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training Division of Workforce Regulation and Safety, Professional Regulations Unit

Trade/Profession: Plumbing

Licensing Agency:

Online search page:


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